iTradeConnect 4.1

Our iTradeConnect 4.1 version was developed and customized base on our users' requirement and desire. Our developing Team patiently listens to our customers’ request and developed iTradeConnect 4.1 version taking into consideration for speed, reliabilities and efficiency, Over 500 copies of the software iTradeConnect 4.1 Version are currently used in Singapore and Malaysia.

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TradeNet 4.0 Diagram

Features of iTradeConnect 4.1

Features iTradeConnect (Desktop Version) iTC Mobile (Portable Version)
Comprehensive way of declaring/amending/cancelling permits
Neat classification for all declarations
4 easy steps to declare - send - received - print permit
Print multiple permit at one click
Easy software activation with renewal alert
Sharing of UEN particulars (multiple users)
Mandatory field validations for different declaration permits type
Perform completion checking before sending
One click permit duplicate
Keep track of unprinted permits
Fully integrated with MHAccess
Real time currency exchange rate update
Archive/Restore & Import/Export (XML, RTF, PDF) & Backup functions
Come with useful presetted websites, e.g. search uen, search hs code
Easy modification of Country Codes, Port Codes and etc.
New code patches are available in event of updates
Built in summary for permits, statistic of user's declaration count and audit trials for easy tracking
Come with basic declaration help to assist users to declare the right permit
Full TradeNet Training courses are available on demand
Come with a 8 GB thumbdrive
Creates hidden backup
Able to plug into any designated PC and run TradeNet from there
NO installation is needed, including MHAccess
Protected from common thumbdrive (autorun) viruses
Encryption enabled, in case flash drive is lost so no one is able to open your files
Running on Mircosoft .NET 2.0 platform to enhance stability
Using SQLExpress database for maximum compatibility  
Utilizing XML menus for increased speed
Reports are generated by Business Object Crystal Reports
Effortless Live Support from our helpdesk
Loaded in SanDisk Cruser USB 2.0 Flash Drive with U3 Capability
Using SQLite database for maximum mobility
Optional 16 GB or 32 GB Flash Drive
Optional migrate of database from desktop version (5 mins only)  
Software charges (1st copy) S$400.00 S$498.00
Software charges (2nd copy and above) S$200.00 S$298.00
License (yearly, per copy) - Phone-in support, Email support, Live support, Consultation, Constant software and custom codes update, On-site PC servicing / maintaining, ($55 min. chargable) S$600.00 S$698.00

More TradeNet Options
iTradeConnect with CPU
Get a P4 CPU with TradeNet installed for only an additional of $98.

iTradeConnect with Free Loan CPU
Fully maintenance of leased computer. 1 business day hardware replacement. No service charge except malicious software error. Minimum 1 years subscription
iTradeConnect Local Area Network (LAN)
Centralized database, Multi-users enablement, Database can be hosted on any computer as a master server, Access the same data from any computer
iTradeConnect Cloud
No installation, no configuration, no internet browser, no hard disk space is required. No computer configuration concern. Run TradeNet remotely using Terminal Service. Access anytime, anywhere (24/7)
Setup (1 time)
Setup (1 time)
Setup (1 time)
Setup (1 time)
1st Copy - $600
2nd & Above - $200
1st Copy - $698
2nd Above - $298
1st Copy - $650
2nd & Above - $250

System Requirement
Pentium 4 Processor 2.0 Ghz
56 kpbs Fax Modem / Broadband Connection
Microsoft Windows 7 SP 1 Home
.NET Framework 2.0 and higher
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